Not all that shattered.

Ever seen a broken piece of glass?
Ever seen a broken toy?
Ever seen a broken house?
Ever seen a broken log?
Ever seen a broken human ? A shattered human?
Ever compared shattered things with a  shattered human?
Which is worse?
We focus on what is shattered.
Not on the pieces we still have.
That’s human nature.
Isn’t  it?
Why. Shouldn’t  we be satiated with what we have?
Imagine. Had you lost your heart instead of having the shattered one?
Which is worse?
Or should I say. Which is better?
The world around us. Its a place of torture. Harsh torture. Treacherous torture. Emotionless torture.
It’s useless to love and value  people.
Because. Ultimately. Everything  is selfish. Everything in this world is utter selfish.
From people you meet daily. To the special people in your life.
Special people? Well, you call a bunch of people special today. And you call some other bunch special tomorrow.
Is this a game?
No. It’s  the reality of life.
Getting attached is nature’s  rule.
And getting detached is again nature’s  rule.
The one who masters the rule is the one who enjoys the present.
You might not have what others have.
Well, you have something that others dont.
You feel shattered. That’s  how you learn to face it.  That’s  how you learn to survive.
That’s  how you learn to fight.
That’s  how you learn to live in this world.
Focus on the stars instead of the darkness around it.
Focus on the laughs instead of the cries.
Focus on the love instead of the hatred.
That’s  how you’ll rule.
The present is a present from god to you.
Everything is shattered.
From the people you see smiling, to the people entertaining  you.
From the people who love you,  to the heart within you.
You just  need to focus on the small remains, instead of the shattered whole.
Cherish it.


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