“I promise to stay there forever.”
Such forever promises.
Do they really mean anything?
Or are they just  a transient phase of life?
Are they really kept?
Do they lose importance after you move ahead in life?
It’s  never the same for everyone.
Just because someone did not keep the promise, does it imply promises aren’t  kept?
I believe in promises.
In such forever  promises.
And i believe in keeping them till death.
Life isn’t  predictable.
You never know what lies ahead and what may be a hurdle to your path.
But. If you are man of words, you’ll keep your promise.
Let hell befall on you. Promises that are made from the heart are always unhindered.
Having  someone by your side, holding your hand, all your life isn’t  something realistic.
Afterall, in the end, it’s  only you yourself who has to fight the world.
Can anyone replace  you?
But having someone in your heart,  all your life, is possible.
Hearts are a place of mystery.
They have in them, memories  of the past,  feelings of the past, feelings of the present, and plans for future.
The Heart is where people who made promises and left, reside.
The heart is where all promises made are treasured,  irrespective  of whether they were kept or not.
The heart is a place where the special people in your life are treasured.
It is a place you don’t open up to everyone.
Not everyone has a heart.
Some just have a pumpimg organ.
Who fail to realise the significance of forever promises.
Others, pretend not having a heart.
The one who have been hurt, so hurt that  they turn hard towards everything  they come across.
The rest,  having a heart, believe in goodness.
They believe that not everyone is trustworthy. Nevertheless,  the ones who are, deserve intense love.
They are the ones who keep forever promises.
Never make a promise if you can’t  keep it.
There are instances in life,where  you are bound not to keep such promises.
What to do then?
Even if you want to keep your promise, but, circumstances desire the contrary.
Such are the times, when you are to have faith in yourself.
Have faith in the ones who love you.
And hold the promise in your heart, so that when the correct time comes,  you still keep your promise.
Such is the beauty of promises.
The ones who believe in it, can only keep it.
The ones who keep it, can only realise it.

Shreya Kedia.


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