The entire world is an ocean of fakeness.
Or maybe an ocean is too small an entity to descibe the fakeness that surrounds us all.
Look at the skies.
What do you see? Don’t  you see a sky covered  with clouds?
Now tell me. Is this the true beauty of the sky? Or is it the fake in view?
Look at the gardens.
What do you see? Dont you see a beautiful green lush?
Now tell me. When you go near it? Don’t  you find some dirty marshy land there?  Isn’t what we saw fake?
Look at people.
What do you see? Don’t  you see them smiling, laughing, giggling always?
Now tell me. Name any person in the world who hasn’t  suffered. Who isn’t  going through some kind of mess  in life.
Yet what we see is a perfect epitome of happiness.  This  isn’t  real.
This is fake.
Why can’t  everything  be what it truly is.
True and pious.
What is the need to fake?
Look at how people talk.
They have some feelings in their heart.
And pretend to display some other feelings.
Why. Why can’t  they express  what they truly feel.
You don’t  realise this fakeness  from the day you’re born.
You realise this when you are a teenage, left alone to fight the cruelties of the outside world.
You realise this when you can’t  express  what you feel, else, you will be the sufferer.
You realise  this when people close to you, seem to be fake.
You realise  this when people you thought who were true to you, lie to you. That lie may not harm you. But. A lie is a lie. It hurts being lied to.
Fakeness seems to be engulfing the entire world.
No one, afterall, is true.
By ‘true’ I mean. True to themselves, and to the world.
Should you not be true too?


Life is after all Beautiful.


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