Precious Time.

Look at your watch.
With every tick of your watch.
Time escapes your hands.
With every tick of your watch.
You become a slave to time.
With every tick of your watch.
You lose something that money cannot buy.
Something that neither your parents nor god can give you back.
You lose your time.
We generally appreciate what we have after losing it.
We appreciate the past in our present.
We lament not being happy in the present like we were in our past.
That’s  how we lose on our present.
We need to learn. Nothing is forever.
The people, the family, the friends.
The love, the friendship.
Even the pain is not forever.
Even. You aren’t forever.
Then why be sad if someone doesn’t  stay with you forever?
Because you got too attached?
Well. Then.
You are to leave your family too, one day.
Or maybe it is the otherwise.
Is it that we keep crying?
Or we keep  lamenting?
Or we keep cursing ourselves?
Or we stay sad forever?
Do we stop smiling?
No right?
We do learn to move on.
To move on as a happy person.
Then. Why do we feel sad when people leave us?
Okay. Old Friends.
We’re busy. Too busy with our lives.
Too busy spending time with new friends.
Too busy making our lives.
Should we forget  our friends?
The ones who helped us grow into what we are today?
Can’t we sacrifice something to make our friends feel special?
Can’t  we give them one day out of our busy schedule?
No one is jobless in this world.
It’s  all time’s play.
Times change.
Priorities change.
But. What I believe is.
Give time to your family and friends.
Talk to your father when he comes from his office.
Listen to your friend blabbering about a tiresome  day.
Meet everyone once in a while.
Feel special.
Make them feel special.
After all. You will never get back what you’ve  lost.
Neither people.  Nor time.
Nor the same you.

Life is after all Beautiful.


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