Walking down the streets.

Look at the world around you.
What do you see.
You see a father driving a motorbike with his daughter  behind,  dropping her to school.
Do you feel the father feels reluctant to do this, or, do you feel the father happily wakes up early in the morning  just to drop his daughter to school ?
You see a mother standing at the bus stop with her son, waiting for the school bus to arrive.
Do you think the mother was too tired to come down to drop her son, or , do you think she loves waiting at the bus depot with her son?
You see a policeman,  shouting at a driver who had parked the car in a no parking zone.
Do you feel that the policeman  is too irritated with his life and hence he is shouting, or , do you feel that the policeman is just performing his own duty respectfully?
You see a beggar child, knocking at the window of every car, asking for money or food.
Do you think she is disturbing you with your work and that she is so dirty and unhygienic, or,do you have humanitarian feelings for her and feel pity for her?
You see a couple walking  hand in hand but both talking over their phones.
Do you think that they are uninterested  in each other and hence are talking over phones instead of talking to each other, or, do you think that  inspite of being busy in their lives they still love each other so much so that they are holding hands?
You see an ambulance beeping.
Do you feel it’s causing noise pollution in the roads , or, do you wish that the patient inside recovers soon.
Now. Go back home.
Look at yourself in the mirror.
Do you find a tired-of-life sort of person looking at you, or, do you find a happy person  smiling back at you?
That makes all the difference.
What you see, feel and perceive, is all about what you are.
You see a reflection of yourself in everything  around you.

Life is after all Beautiful.


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