A pretty lady or a beautiful lady?
A beautiful lady.
She isn’t  one who wears a one-piece dress,has her hair unpinned, applies mascara, a red lipstick and wears high heels.
She is someone who is beautiful at heart.
Someone who respects herself and others.
Someone who is softspoken, yet not submissive.
Someone who is mature and independent enough to take her own decisions in life.
Someone who knows how to move on in life after all the cruelties and criticisms by the world against her.
Someone who holds her head high above, wherever she goes.
Someone who is free to express her thoughts and views irrespective of the audience.
Someone who is a true portrait of a lady.
Someone who doesn’t  teach her posterity not to lie, rather teaches them when to lie and when not to in this world of metaphors.
Someone who loves herself more than anyone else, yet, not loving others less.
Someone who is free from all bondages of the society, yet, is a part of it.
Someone who is wise enough to know the difference between the right  and the wrong.
Someone who doesn’t  give up easily inspite of all hardships.
Someone who knows how to self introspect and be a self-inspirer.
Someone who believes in God, yet believes in herself not less.
Someone who prays to god and worships idols, yet is not driven by blind faith.
Someone who is innocent  at heart, yet,is tactful when it comes to sly people.
Someone who is self-made.
Become such a lady.
Create yourself.
Build yourself.
Then yours is the world and all in it.
Such is the beauty of a beautiful lady.

Life is after all Beautiful.


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