This time, About Men.

We generally see posts about feminism,  female rights, domestic violence on the female sex and the plight of women.
Do we ever, I say ever, see a post on men?
We Indians, live in a patriarchal society, and its not a common sight for us to see a writeup on men.
Well, here goes one.
The men around us, fathers, grandfathers, brothers.
We think they are free to do anything they want to?
We think they dominate the society? Well, it has its cons too.
We think they are allowed to pursue with higher studies and we women, aren’t?
We think fathers let their son go out at night, but don’t allow their  daughters to do so?
Is it? Well, then. Let me tell you.
Men aren’t  free to do anything they want to. 
In our society, the Indian society,  the Hindu society, it is presumed that the boy child that is born will continue with the family business.
Even if the child has a well-known and recognised degree, he is bound to come back to the familly business. Why?
As far as dominating the society is concerned, they do dominate. We women aren’t  free to do things as they are.
Nevertheless,  they arent less bound.
They have formalities to perform, responsibilities to maintain.
We aren’t  allowed to get out of the house alone after 10:30 at night, even if we want to go to a stationary shop just near our house.
But we can go there with our ‘younger’ brothers. Isn’t  it?
Why. Well. Our parents can’t help that.
They don’t  fear letting us free.
They fear the ruthless and heartless society we live in. The Indian society.
Men aren’t  all that bad and dominating.
All aren’t.
Your father? Brother?
They aren’t  dominating you.
They are just concerned.
And they too are bound by the society.
They aren’t  as free as we consider them to be. 

Life is after all Beautiful.


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