People Or Words?

We meet thousands of people in one day.
We talk to hundreds of them each day.
We listen to another hundred of them.
Whom do we think about at night  when we go to sleep?
Whom do we like talking to?
Whom do we like listening  to?
Whose words have an effect on us?
Whose smile brightens up our day?
Who is the one to cheer us up just by calling our names?
Do you have such a person in your life?
Such a person.
Whose ‘Get well soon’ makes you feel better.
Whose ‘Study well’ encourages you to study more.
Whose ‘I love you’ makes you love more.
Whose ‘I miss you’ makes you smile.
Whose ‘Why dint you come to school?’ makes you feel wanted.
Whose ‘You’re more than a close friend, You’re family’ , makes your heart dance on all rhythms.
Whose ‘Oh Please, Shut up’ makes you talk even more.
Whose words have an everlasting impact on you.
Who is special.
The same words from a different person may sound rude.
The same feelings from a different person might be felt as fake.
The same gestures from a different person might appear commonplace.
Its not about words.
Its about people.
Its not about what you speak.
Its about how you speak.
Its not about what you listen.
Its about from whom do you listen.
Its not about whom you stay with.
Its about who stays with you in your heart.
Its not about words.
Words are mere combination of letters.
Which are.
Wordless without people.

Life is after all Beautiful.


4 thoughts on “People Or Words?”

  1. pure ❤ flowing out of all the words you've written. You're special, aren't u Shreya? Another excellent post! 🙂
    ..and yes I do have such a person in my life, my best friend 🙂 she was all who I could think of while reading these lines..


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