Beauty or Beast?

Life is such a monotony.
Look outside the window of your room.
You’ll find a balcony where wet clothes are drying.
Look outside the window of your car.
You’ll find traffic jam and a red signal.
Look at your bedroom.
It’s the same old four walled enclosure where you spend your day lying when you’re ill.
Look at the kitchen in your house.
You’ll find a maid sitting in the corner and washing the dishes.
Life is so demotivating.
Talk to a distant relative in a wedding.
No wonder if you feel irritated.
When you’re unable to stand upto someone’s expectations.
You find yourself losing all hope from within.
When people dont stand up to your expectations.
You suffer a heart break.
Look at the woodcutter chopping off the tree.
You realise that how unexpectedly life ends.
Look at your school teacher.
She keeps blabbering and scolding. How demoralising it is.
Life is a miracle.
Even after such drawbacks. Life, in itself is a beauty.
And what’s the beauty of life.
You, yourself.
You, your perspective.
You, your love.
You, your confidence.
Look at the clouds.
How their changing shapes depict the changes in life.
How their precipitating shows the overflow of emotions.
Look at the sown seeds.
How the seeds are hopeful of their bright future.
How they grow with every ounce of nurture.
Look at the mirror,  your reflection.
The reason and cause of your existence.
Look at the beautiful you.
If you can dare to call yourself beautiful.
None can dare to harm you.
Because you compete with no one, No one can compete with you.

Life is after all Beautiful.


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