Our little infinity.

Death ends a life, not a relationship.
Ego ends a relationship, not a life.
So which is worse?
Loving the dead or unloving the alive?
You have an answer?
Trust me. I don’t.
When someone you love dies.
The hope of staying eternally together is lost.
The multifarious plans for future are withdrawn.
You lose a part of your soul, a part of yourself.
You realise, the innumerable and infinite memories created together can not be replaced by better ones.
You realise, that eternity is the rule of nature.
And. Mortality is the rule of beings in it.
We can’t overpower mortality and aim for peace in eternity.
Loss is an inevitable part of our journey on earth.
Experiencing the death of a beloved, isn’t just related to emotions,  rather also related to our future lives.
When you have an ego problem in a relationship.
And you feel like “it” is gonna end soon.
You are more likely to be called a mere existence rather than alive.
Ego kills. Not only the relationship, but also the people involved.
It brutally murders. Not only the feelings, but also the hearts.
It brings pain and suffering. Not the physical, but both mental and emotional.
Ego is a bad thing in this bad world.
Although it leaves a person alive, unlike death, it kills from within.
And such a killing is the ultimate form of death.
Is being burnt dead better than being killed alive?
Is turning into ashes better than having an irrepairable heart?
Is crying for the dead better than crying for the alive?

Live life till you’re alive.
Live life till you have an elastic heart.
Live life till you have atleast one reason to smile.
Live life till eternity.
That’s the little infinity we all have.
Live it.
Until, ofcourse, ego seeps in.

Life is after all Beautiful.


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