We all know the different stages in the life of a caterpillar. Don’t we?
We learn that in primary school.
Ever given a thought to how it corresponds to the different stages in our life?
First. Egg. That’s when are limited to the domain of our house.
When we know nothing but the parents that brought us up and the siblings we played with.
When we are oblivious of the attack that is taking place in Mumbai and in Kashmir.
That’s the best part of it.
We are what we are at such a time.
Second. Larvae. The age of learning.
That’s when we learn values of life.
Though none of it seems important to us at that time, however, this is when we are taught the difference between the right and the wrong.
We learn to talk to people apart from the ones surrounding us.
Third. Pupa. We grow up. But not enough to stand alone.
We try to break through the bondages in life, a cocoon.
We feel like we are being dominated over.
We feel life is a burden with all it’s restrictions and complications.
Like life is a complicated mess of messy complications.
Its when we start hating our state of existence.
Like the pupa wants to come out of the cocoon.
And last, not the least. Adult. A butterfly.
When we are left free to fly in the world of our own.
The world that we have created for ourselves with the values learnt, the friends made, the people we interact with.
We suddenly feel as if the water beast that was trying to drown us in water has suddenly released us.
And suddenly, we feel as if we are coming up the surface of water and that’s not the end. We continue to fly high up.
We fear the consequences and our futures. That’s when a butterfly learns to fly. And that’s when we learn what reality is.
This marks the actual rise of the sun in our lives. The actual light entering our lives. The actual difference the vibes will make in our lives.
That’s what metamorphosis is.
A metamorphosis of thoughts,  of people around you, of you.
The roots remain unchanged.

Life is after all Beautiful.


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