The Bond.

When your eyes water not because you’ve been hurt, but because some xyz has hurt your friend.
That’s the infinite moment.
That’s when you know that you can’t title the bond as eternal or maybe as a forever after infinity, but, it’s something priceless.
Giving a title would belittle it.
When it’s much more than talking random shit and giggling, much more than knowing what each did all day.
When it’s not about talking about guys, but how to deal with them when you face a problem.
It’s much more than what this world has to offer.
That’s when you know there’s no end.
When she makes plans for future that are too far-fetched a dream.
If she can think of so far and so long being together, she is the true one.
We make loads of friends in life.
Loads of them.
Find one better than her in the entire existence of humanity.
It’ll be a search in vain.
And you’ll come back to me saying,
“She is not the true one, but the only one.”
She can make you feel special when there’s nothing special about it.
She’ll show her love and care without saying an “I love you”.
She’ll reply to your Thank you as “Are you dumb?”
She’ll stay awake till 3, trying to calm you down.
She’ll call you, just because she is upset with her life and friends.
Then its. Above all worldy attractions.
Above worldy pleasures and luxuries.
It’s a bond.
That’s what you call a bond.
Something more than a friend, or a bestfriend or family.

Life is after all Beautiful.


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