Do you ever get those sudden pangs of fear.
Reason unknown.
Effect unknown.
It’s like I wish I could sleep for a week far away from all the drama.
It’s like I wish I could lie down beneath the seas silently.
It’s like I wish I could be free from all bondages and fly in the sky high above the hypocritical world.
It’s like I wish snow could surround me all over and make me feel numb about life.
It’s like I wish I could get drenched in the rain till the coolness and calmness seeps in.
Those pangs of uncertainty.
Uncertainty of life, family, relationships and friends.
Uncertainty of confidence, conscience, trust and veracity.
Those pangs of losing.
Losing happiness, love and care.
Losing all sorts of pamper.
Those pangs of curiosity.
Curiosity for knowing the future.
Curiosity for knowing who’s worth the pain and who’s not.
All these pangs of “fear”.
Have only one remedy.
Believe in yourself.
You’ll do it. You’re worth it.
You’re worth yourself.
Believe that everything is in your stride.
Conquer all fears as they come by.
Growing up is inevitable and hence the fears.
Make this conquerence inevitable too.
Let the worst come by.
Well,  isn’t it in your stride?

Life is after all Beautiful.


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