Let’s take a moment to think of what we are doing with our lives.
Life isn’t a mere state of existence.
It’s about happiness, love and care.
It’s about all those little fights you have with your sister.
It’s about all those little compliments you give your friend and then ignore it saying you were kidding.
It’s about talking to your father till 2 at night.
Its about the school teacher who runs hither -tither so that your job is done on time.
It’s about your friend gifting you white chocolate.
It’s about laughing with your mother.
It’s about getting your hair oiled by your grandmother.
It’s about getting random calls from your friend.
It’s about your sisters making chocolate balls for you.
Life is an awful, ugly place to not have all these in it.
And yet, even after having all these.
Why are we so upset?
Unable to sleep. Unable to get over instances that do not even feature in our lives.
I’ve learnt, it’s useless hoping.
Ive learnt, it’s useless hurting yourself.
I’ve learnt, let go of people who want to go.
It’s possibly not about having that one special person in your life.
Maybe it’s about having a smile on your face. Let that smile be a constant, inspite of all upheavels.
Let people change if they wish to.
Stick to your principles.
And most importantly, stick to yourself.
Life changes, people change- either for better or worse.
But. You change yourself- only for the better.
Everything is in your stride, you just have to believe in this.
You’ll get what you deserve.
Life is like the garden in heaven, and not like hell -only and only if you believe so.

Life is after all Beautiful.


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