“Look there, the lights look so enchanting!”- Ananya tells her sister.
Why do lights fascinate us so much.
Why is it that we go out on the streets during Pujas and Diwali to look at the lights in the streets.
Why is it that their glow gives us pleasure and brings an irreplaceable smile on our faces.
Maybe it’s the gloomy lives that we live yearn for some rays of happiness.
Perhaps, it is the broken hearts that wish to see some hope.
Why is it that we see the streets lit up this way during festivals.
Lights signify happiness and celebration.
Isn’t life a celebration as it is?
Maybe lights give hope to the long lost relationships.
Perhaps, it awakens the youth in the old.
Consider. Sitting in a dark room. Period. Going out to watch the lights. Period.
Compare and contrast them.
Do you see the difference?
Why do we switch off lights and prefer to lie down when we are upset?
And why do we feel happy when we look at the lights.
Ask yourself.
It’s about what we let surround us.
Always, we’ll find pessimism and optimism, both in a situation.
It’s upon us to let either rule.
It’s about, whether we focus on the dark nights, or on the lights glowing in them.
It’s about, whether we focus on the dark room, or on the tiny night lamp that glows.
It’s about, whether you make yourself happy, or sad.
People don’t make us happy.
It’s we who make ourselves happy.
Just that. We need to focus on the light that’s within, rather than the light that’s glowing around.
Perhaps, looking at the lights around signify our vulnerable state of existence of being carried away.
Let the light glow from within. And then try going on the streets and looking at the lights.
Compare. Which one do you find more “enchanting”?

Life is after all Beautiful.


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