Jeopardy all around.
People with sky high dreams.
People with dreams achieved.
People with unfulfilled dreams.
People unable to dream.
What kind are you?
I had this science sir in standard 8.
He used to say. “The world is a jungle”
And everytime he used to say this, I used to burst out laughing.
Today. When I stand at the juncture where it’s a do or die situation,
I realise how treacherous the world is.
How ruthless things are.
Not people, but situations.
How difficult decision making is.
How difficult prioritising is.
How difficult it is to learn from failures.
You find everything on top of you.
Always some pending work.
Always some people distracting you.
Always situations craving you.
But, no.
Look at the people with unfulfilled dreams or futile dreams who help us achieve ours.
Adore them. Admire them. I do.
When you start growing up.
You realise. Your mom wont tell you, “She isn’t the right friend”.
Your father won’t stop you from going out with guys. Maybe he cautions you for the first time, but eventually, no.
Your mom won’t stop you from being awake late at night.
She wont stop you from talking to people till 4 in the morning.
We need to learn ourselves,  evolve as better ourselves.
Cut from whatever harms us.
Go where it benefits us.
Care less, bother less.
Give time to yourself. Analyse, learn.
Not give up.
It’s never the end. Maybe it’s a beginning to a brighter future?
And maybe that’s how people with broken dreams live.
And maybe. It’s not jeopardy but a beautiful world that always has a second chance to offer.

Life is after all Beautiful.


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