“Papa ! I’ve got admission into one of the finest universities of the world. ”
“Papa ! I’m a step closer to my dream.”
“Papa ! Thank you for always guiding me. It’s because of you where I stand today.”
We all await such instances in life. Don’t we?
Getting admitted into one of the best universities in the world can be the ultimate career goal of a teenage.
What can be better than that?
When you move one step closer to your dream, it’s a moment of ultimate happiness.
What else can make you feel on cloud nine?
Take a deep breath.
Let’s have a look at the reality.
It’s your soul that gives you the ultimate happiness. Not any fulfillment of your goal.
Tell me. On the day of your acceptance to your dream university,
If you have a terrible fight with you mom.
If your sister tells you, you enjoy insulting me right?
If you have a breakup the previous night.
If you keep stalking your bestfriend all day cause she isn’t talking to you.
I ask.
Do you deserve to be happy?
Will you be happy?
Should you be happy?
I don’t know.
Maybe you should value yourself enough to not let others affect your happiness.
Or. Maybe. You should value people close to you enough to let them know about this happy moment in life inspite of all discrepancies.
It’s always the soul that rules.
You’ll never be happy if such instances take place on “your” day.
You know why? Because you wont have “your” people to love you on that day.
You wont have your mom to say, “Darling, you make me proud.”
You wont have your sister to say, “Get me chocolates when you get there, and gifts too.”
You won’t have your boyfriend to say, “Love you, you deserve much more.”
You wont have you bestfriend to say, “I told you the very first day, you’re the best.”
On such a day. When.
You’ll tell people,” I am very happy today, It’s the happiest day of my life.”
Well, then, I’ll say.
Happiness too, is a hypocrite.
Even though you might achieve the most in the world, it’s meaningless without the people who love you.
It’s redundant.
That’s not what life is all about. “Career and professional goals”.
You need your mom, dad, sister and friends.
They define the ultimate happiness.

Life is after all Beautiful.


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