A short and simple story.
Once upon a time there lived a young man who was fond of having his own garden and growing his favourite fruit trees. At the age of 23, he got the opportunity of shifting into a new bunglow with a balcony overlooking a garden. This was his dream garden. He could now grow whichever tree he wished to. As days passed by, he started growing trees, the orange tree, the guava tree, the mango tree and the list would continue. He nurtured the plants, watered them daily so that they grow into healthy and large trees. When he first saw the mango growing on the tree, he shook the tree hard and let the mango fall. He rejoiced at it and enjoyed it’s taste. This is how days went by and the very day he saw a fruit on the tree, he would shake it hard and let it fall for his own wants.
You think what’s great in this, right?
What’s there to post in this?
Just give it a thought. Compare this with humans of today.
The special people in your life, to be specific.
There is always someone in your life who has changed you.
Changes the way you percieve the world, the people, and their thoughts.
Changes your taste in clothes, fashion and appearance maybe.
Most importantly, changes the way you think. Changes you. Changes your inner self.
Brings out the true you.
Can you relate this to someone in your life?
Maybe your bestfriend or your sister or your boyfriend?
There’s some binding that connects the two of you. And possibly it’s the bond that brings a change in you.
Just like how the young man was for the tree. The humble gesture shown by the man towards the tree was remarkable. His love for trees was not one that could be fathomed.
The bond shared is not one that can be fathomed, you too can’t dare to realise its depth.
Maybe it’s that deep. Perhaps its that divine, that pure.
It changes you for the better. It grows you, the bond,  its helps you evolve. Like the love for trees, it helped the tree grow with love and care.

And then. One fine day, the man shakes the tree and eats all the fruits that fall in it. I know it sounds stupid, to ask you to place yourself in the place of the tree, but let this sink in you first. Place yourself in the position of the tree. The one who grew you, the one who nurtured you, gives you the shock of your life.
Maybe, somewhere in your heart you knew you will be shaken and used for some purpose, it does leave you abandoned, when the person you loved the most, who loved you the most, goes away.
The reality somehow does not seep in.
Why are we so rigid?
Why is it that people go away?
Why is it that we can’t stop them from going?
Why do we pretend to not care when we really do?
Getting abandoned, is not a good feeling.
It’s not a vulnerable feeling.
It’s not a feeling.
It’s a monster that’s eats your brain up.
Something more dangerous than the wildest tiger on earth.
Something that leaves you empty and to no one’s rescue.
Ever felt so?

Life is after all Beautiful.


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