When Bestfriend Leaves.

We grow and are brought up in a shell.
We’re taught people are nice and we should be nice to them.
We’re taught that the people around us are the best set of people you could have.
Then. You enter school. You meet people in primary school.
You make loads of friends. You call the person sitting beside you in class your ‘partner’.
Welcome to high school. Where you meet the so called lifetime friends.
You don’t actually forget your old friends, but yes, you start drifting.
And the drift doesn’t interrupt your life or happiness.
It doesn’t really affect you.
And then you make high school friends.
The once in a lifetime friends.
You spend time, go about with them all day, and you do everything together.
You then have a bestfriend and you treasure her in your life more than a girl would treasure diamonds.
You never really realised that these moments would end up being the best moments of your life until the final high school year happened.
And then. When it’s less than a month for school to get over.
Your bestfriend leaves.
You’ve survived through the worst fights, cries and complaints.
You’ve been the best of friends. And then. One fine day. She stops responding to you.
She pretends to not care.
Perhaps she really doesn’t.
Your pestering goes in vain.
She pretends to not make you a part of her life.
Perhaps that’s true.
And what about you. You’re abandoned?
Whatever may be the reason, you thought we could live through all.
A post “Bestfriend breakups are worse than relationship breakups” doesn’t really affect you unless you’ve really have had one.
Okay. Since you’ve had a terrible time with her and you’re off her now, you start hating her?
No, you dont know what it is but there’s some string that hasn’t snapped.
Maybe that’s a hopeless hope in you.
But maybe. That helps you live happily.
Hope is a good thing.
You might not be realistic in approach,ย  but being optimistic helps you fight and gives you strength.
Maybe she never comes back. But you should not lose hope from humanity, loveย  and bestfriendship.
There’s goodness, and times spent with her wasn’t a waste.
It was worth it.
Perhaps it could save you from a number of cries and sleepless nights.
Perhaps. These cries and nights gave you the true picture of life.
Perhaps. This was destined.
Accept it.
Dont ramble. Dont cry.
Maybe you don’t have her to hold hands and hug you when you’re in pain.
But you do have a 1000 little memories that can cure all miseries and pains.
Yes, you do.
Treasure all. Probably,ย  treasure her the most.
No, you’re not being vulnerable.
She was a part of your life. You were inseparable once. And that’s the best part.
And there’s no harm in treasuring her.
Life’s gonna be tough, not impossible.
Take it as a challenge, and win over it.
People happen, life happens, breakups happen.
You’re to make your happiness happen.
Smile when it’s all on you.
And give in your best to not let go of ones who care for you.
It might all be in vain, but. Hope.
And the best will surely happen.

Life is after all Beautiful.


11 thoughts on “When Bestfriend Leaves.”

  1. โ€œThe worst part of losing a best friend is not the goodbye. Itโ€™s learning to live without them. Itโ€™s crying yourself to sleep. Itโ€™s getting up in the morning with tear stained cheeks and puffy eyes.
    Time is the greatest healer , it teaches us to live without our bestfriends with thier sweet memories always lingering in our minds and in our world.

    Felt very nice reading this ..thanks a lot for sharing your emotions

    Liked by 1 person

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