The first day of my school.
The last day of my school.
In the cruel world we live in, school teaches us the best of everything.
It teaches us goodnesss, respect, humbleness and most importantly friendship.
It teaches us who true friends are.
We make the truest and the best of friends in school life.
School teaches us how to respect teachers. What respect is.
It imbibes in us the quality of faith, the judgement of right and wrong.
It gives us an exposure by keeping us in a cocoon.
You don’t realise your school is getting over unless you start recalling the smallest incidents in your life related to school.
From crying on the first day to hugging your friends on your birthday.
From sitting beside a new friend in your class to the same friend turning into your bestfriend.
From completion of projects to presentations.
From the Teacher’s Day dance to the independence day singing.
From making the best of friends to making the worst of friends.
From learning who’s true and who’s not.
From learning who’ll be there forever and who wont.
From your teacher saying “Bless you dear” to saying “Keep in touch after school’s over.”
Everything comes as a flashback when school’s about to get over.
It’s a place that grows us.
Without which we’re mere survivors of the treacherous world.
It’s a place to worshipped. More than god maybe.
A place that has made us what we are.
Teacher’s who have loved and cared for us like their own children.
It’s a blessing to enter into a school on the first day.
And a nightmare to leave school on the last day.
I can’t imagine my life without my school, my friends,  my teachers.
They are the best set of people and ones whom you can call ‘yours’.
What a nightlamp is to darkness, school is to our lives.
I wish school never gets over.
I wish I had a lifetime.

Life is after all Beautiful.


6 thoughts on “School.”

  1. I miss the school that taught me things
    Things that will help me for what tomorrow brings
    Those persons who made me smile ,
    Whenever I feel I’m about to cry
    I miss my high school friends, my family
    My friends who’s been with me,
    And made me complete when I feel empty
    Who truly accepted me
    And supported me for what I wanted to be
    I know they‘re my true friends
    And I know our friendship will never end
    This is not a promise but a vow
    That’s why I am telling you all now
    That even though we’re now far away,
    Our friendship won’t fade away
    And even if years had passed by
    When we meet each other I’ll say “hi!”

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    1. You know what. This really made me feel giddy and made my eyes watery. This is so amazing. We all do miss school, friends and teachers. School friends were the only ones who did not judge us for what we are. And were a shoulder to cry on. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

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      1. The best part of my school days was i used to anchor the indepdence day..republic day and annual function in my higher secondry school days …it was a feeling of happiness and joy to announce myself as the outstanding student of year for the award …😃😃

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  2. If you miss your school days …if possible attend the school function..such as independence day or republic or annual school function …its a different feeling when you again enter the school and meet your old teachers and even the non teaching staff …it feels more better when you talk with them and they ask you about well bieng.

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