Odd times.

It is at odd times of the day that we feel happy about what we have.
It is at odd times of the night that we feel sad about what we don’t have.
Everything around is a tricky mess.
Trying to lure us back into the past.
The past that does not even exist now.
And at odd times of the day you find hope around, to go back and relive the past.
You find people reminding you of your past and you feel the chill of the bygone around you.
You get back home and while lying on the bed, you start recalling moments that made you happy.
That made you feel on cloud nine.
Instances and moments you wish never ever ended.
It is these that both bring smile to your face during the day and give you strength, and become your weakness at night.
It is at odd hours in the middle of the night that you get up and sit on your bed, lean on your pillow and feel melancholy about what you had and don’t have.
The same happy moments that brought an everlasting smile on your face in the morning disguise themselves as tears now.
You miss these and wish life wasn’t unidirectional.
You wish you could go back and get the love and people you had. The innocence you spent your childhood with.
You wish you were oblivious to the fakeness around you like a child.
You wish. You were back to those carefree days.
Why are days associated with happiness and nights with sadness.
Why is light synonymous with goodness and dark with cruelty.
Why do witches wear black cloaks and godmothers silver and white ones.
I wish it was never dark.
Perhaps, it is mere human perception of calling the darkness gloomy and feeling gloomy about our lives.
Perhaps, we can change this perception only ourselves.
Or. Maybe.
Sadness is equally inevitable and imminent as happiness.
Perhaps. Both are required to survive.
Perhaps,  tears show we humans feel and percieve.
Perhaps. It’s good to be emotional and feel things deeply sometimes.

Life is after all Beautiful.


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