After much thoughts and longing for writing a post on friends, today, I sit down to write one.
To be true to myself, I am an introvert who doesn’t gel up with people that easily.
It takes time for me to act like ‘friends’ with someone whom I sit beside daily.
That’s just how I am.
With my school life approaching an end, I feel an immense urge to write down my journey as a friend and the people around me as my friends.
We make loads of friends in school.
As we grow up, we realise who our true friends are, and we tend to distance ourselves from all the negative people.
We learn to make new friends and spend time with them.
That’s the rule of nature in it’s divine form, getting friendly with whatever and whoever comes by. Adaptation to survive you may call it.
But, friendship is something more that just adaptation and compromise. Much more than that.
I can write a 200 page book on each of my friends and not be satisfied.
Friendship is such a privilege.
With time, and with maturity in high school, some friendships turn into bonds.
And then you call yourselves, Best Friends Forever.
These bonds are the only few that survive the ravages of the cruel world, it’s people.
The only few that manage to win over time.
And, you don’t have to pen these down for these to remain eternal, these are those special bonds that require fights only to strengthen them further.
Friendship lies in the stupid jokes that makes you laugh.
It lies in those short and long phone calls.
To end up at your friend’s place only because she’s feeling sad about her life is what you call friendship.
To share and pour your heart out to a friend whom you’ve met after a long long time is what you call friendship.
It’s the comfortable silence shared when two people are one.
Friendship is when you talk about all your insecurities and not be judged about it.
Friendship is divine and friends make it worth it.
Friends. :’)
They are the most beautiful beings on earth if you have them.
And, by friends I mean, people who rejoice at your happiness and feel sad when you’re depressed.
People who call you just because they feel like having a talk with you.
People who see the good in you, inspite your dark side.
Those are your friends and this is what you call friendship.
And maybe, friendship is too small a word for all that it carries with it.
Too small a word to show what a privilege it is.


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