Looking beyond.

Look at the pollution in the sky. Look beyond it, you’ll find the beauty of nature.
Look at your worried mom, look beyond her, you’ll find a caring and loving person.
Look at the dirty garden, look beyond the dirt, you’ll find the flowers blooming.
Look at people who are rude, look beyond them, you’ll find a vulnerable person.
Look beyond your pains, you’ll find happiness.
No human is perfect.
Someone is rude,  the other selfish, another careless.
Does that mean they aren’t good people?
Does that mean you stop your relationships with them?
Does that mean they aren’t worth any friendship?
Does that mean they aren’t worth you?  Is it?
If someone talks stupid, does that mean she is not an amiable person.
We can’t judge someone on the basis of their faults.
Everyone makes mistakes, everyone is at fault. Everyone is a mess in themselves.
That doesn’t mean you’re worth abandoning?
But. You know what. The world is a place of magic.
Yes, I believe in magic.
And the theory of magic says, The magic is to look beyond all the faults, and you’ll find a beautiful existence in each person.
Your bestfriend might be a drunkard or a smoker. You can’t judge her that way.
Your bestfriend might be rude, but there’s definitely warmer side to her.
Your bestfriend may be selfish, but she may not be bad at heart.
In this world, you never know what notions people frame about you.
If someone calls you selfish, the other can call you selfless.
It’s nothing to get hurt about.
It’s beautiful looking beyond such follies.
If you can do, you deserve everyone in the world.
You know why? Because, EVERYONE has a beautiful side to them.
Beauty does lie in the eyes of the beholder.
It’s okay to be called rude, unloving and selfish at times.
It doesn’t make you so, just that the beholder couldn’t look beyond.
And still, that’s just a fault in the beholder, doesn’t make her a bad person.
The faults do lie among us.
Where else could it lie?


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