Trust Your Friends?

Friendship is something more than just liking each other and spending time with each other.
It’s about trusting each other in times of need.
We all have been in a situation where we have to chose whether to trust a person or not.
Even if we’re close with a person, we do think for a moment whether to trust her or not.
That’s how people are. That’s how you gain trusts or maybe lose them.
And. When you chose to trust her, and she breaks it in the worst way possible, does she deserve your trust?
Does she deserve your love?
Does she deserve you?
It wasn’t the first time you trusted her.
It was the first time she broke it.
Why do people break bonds of trust?
Why do people prefer to be safe by not having people expect anything from them?
Don’t you feel good when your bestfriend expects something from you?
Don’t you feel entrusted?
Don’t you feel loved?
Don’t you feel on cloud nine?
Perhaps, I do.
Knowing that someone has your back is a great feeling, then why ruin relationships on the basis of trust?
Why ruin people by ruining their trust on you?
Why are people so scared to take responsibilities of love, care and trust?
Because they already have many? Is it?
Or maybe, they’re too broken to be entrusted and they don’t want to break someone’s trust?
But then, why ruin everything?
Why ruin the relationship.
It’s not easy trusting someone.
It’s worse breaking the trust.
Worst, trusting again.
Will you be able to trust anyone with the same feeling and love again?
Perhaps, no.

Life is after all Beautiful.


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