The world is a place of magic which owes its charm to the hearts of the humans who believe in magic.
Happiest are the people who believe in magic.
And by magic I don’t mean some “Avada Kedavara” or “Luminos” spell that works when you move your wand in the air,
I mean, magic in the hearts of the people, goodness and love and care.
If you believe there’s always a good side to the negatives, you believe in magic.
If you believe in god, you believe in magic.
If you believe you love people even though they loath you, you believe in magic.
Developing from the negatives, is what is truely magical.
You’ll never give up if you believe in magic.
You know why?
Because, you’ll always have a corner in your heart that smiles even in the pains.
I don’t mean you aren’t allowed to break down once in a while.
Even breaking down and crying is magic.
Because, once in a while, all of us need to get rid of all the mess in our hearts and minds.
Cry, cry till you’re drained, else the salt water will clog your heart and soul.
Smile, smile till your cheeks hurt, else the world will laugh at you.
Love, love till eternity, else the world will make you the way it is, cruel and emotionless.
There’s magic in the fact that “You don’t always get what you want”.
Because, you do get what is best for you.
Wants are countless, what happens is the best of what you wanted.
Believe in this, and let the world shine with your glow.
Because, you won’t get another life, another family, other friends, and another bestfriend.
“I’ve always wished- The last day we would  spend together in city would be the best day. Perhaps, the last day we met was the last day we were together because it was the best day of my life.”

Life is after all Beautiful.


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