Accept it.

There comes a point in your life, when you realise that you’ve entered the real world.
When society’s rules apply to you and that you just cannot escape them.
At this moment, you realise that people all around you will always have something to say against you.
You might be very polite, mannered and humble, but then, there will always be someone, infact more than one person who has to say something against you, against your lifestyle and acceptance.
The words of these people shouldn’t affect you, because such people don’t matter to you.
They are just part of the society whom we have to bear to survive.
Getting affected will only harm us.
We need to rise above these criticisms and be happy.
Happy for ourselves, for having a supportive family,  loving friends and the best bestfriend.
We should feel proud of having these people.
And amidst all this happiness, why let some intruder make us cry for his/her rigid, backward thoughts?
There will be a point in life,when you realise that everyone shouldn’t matter to you, not everyone has a peace-loving, caring heart.
People who matter to you should be the ones to affect you. Let the others be mere trespassers.
It’s okay if someone doesn’t want a girlchild.
It’s okay if people spread rumours about you.
It’s okay if people exaggerate.
It’s okay if people are money minded.
Such people lack life. Nothing else.
Well, that’s how the world is.
Domineering and hypocritical.
You just can’t help it.
All you can do is. Not let them affect you.
Maybe, it’s just the beginning of what you call “growing up”.
The only way to happiness.

Life is after all Beautiful.


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