Leave the past. Live the present.
Is that why museums exist? Leave the past?
Is that why we have a treacherous history texbook in our schools? Leave the past?
Is that why photographs exist? Leave the past?
The past is our strength. Leaving it isn’t something affordable to mankind.
We have brains. To forget the past? Or to keep memories in there secured?
Don’t we live in our present because of our past? Aren’t we what we are because of our past?
And even then. Leave the past?
Photographs. I love photographs.
I love taking pictures with the randomest people I meet.  I love having those small memories that will make me grow.
I love taking photographs with those special people in my life. I love taking photographs with my dad.With My bestfriend. With the friend who will never leave me bare to the sufferings in my life. With the friend who is the best adviser and the best person alive. The one i can’t imagine growing up without.
Photographs have in them memories of moments captured. But even more, the thousand associated memories that come along with it.
I love taking photographs with my sisters. Future might have plans for me where i ll be away from them. I love to treasure even the slightest of the memories.
I don’t need a dslr to capture moments perfectly. I need a life worth living for. I need a family worth living for. I need friends worth living for. I need a friend, only one, worth dying for.
The present is a place of misfortune. You never get what you want. The past is a place of fortune. You always like what you had, never what you have.
Once the present becomes a past, you start loving it? Isn’t it so unpredictable? Isn’t it so mind boggling?
How can you start loving something that you once hated. It’s human nature, to crave for the things lost. It’s human nature, to love the dead. It’s human nature, to try nurturing feeling of past in the present that now, have no existence.
It’s all human.
We appreciate the flower that bloomed in spring, in autumn. That’s where all the fault lies.

Life is after all Beautiful.


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