Quote Challenge, Day 1.

Thank you for the challenge, the blogger at “Beparvah!!”. Hope you appreciate this.

Quote Day 1:
Winners don’t do different things, they do things differently.

– This is one of the few quotes that inspires my till today.
We often tend to say, “Look there, she is a great person, I wonder how she managed to outshine all others”. We assume that “she” has done something different that none of us are capable of. But the reality is, our organisation of work, our confidence, our esteem, our faith, our beliefs are the ones to define our success. Success is no tree that grows in the gardens of few. It is earned through hardwork and dedication, most importantly, through confidence. It’s not about what the winners do, it’s about how they do it. Everyone has a latent talent within himself/herself. Imitating leads us nowhere. It’s all about self-introspection. Love the world around you, believe in goodness, believe in yourself, and you’re halfway done.

Challenge’s rules:
1. Post three consecutive days.
2. You can pick one or three quotes per
3. Challenge three different bloggers
     per day.

I would love to read from the following bloggers:
1. http://www.angelichayden.wordpress.com
2. http://www.inkingemotionx.wordpress.com
3. http://www.akankshavarma.wordpress.com

Life is after all Beautiful.


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