Quote Challenge, Day 2.

Quote Day 2:
“If there ever comes a day when we cant stay together,
Keep me in your heart, I’ll stay there forever.”
-One of the most beautiful quotes on love that I have read.

We never want to lose the people we have in our lives. Nevertheless, life is such an occurence that sometimes it snatches away the closest people from us. And sometimes, we’re mere objects in life that are manipulated by the perils of mankind. And at these times, we fall prey to life. We are unable to have the loved ones. “Torn apart” is a way to term the instance. However, it’s not about possessing someone. If someone can’t stay in your life ‘forever’, let him or her free,  but remember to keep them in your heart. And if it was a real bond, keep them forever. This is the least you can do to not affect such mishaps affect your happiness. In life, we’ll come across loads of people. Some affect so deeply that they change you for good, to make you a better person. It’s okay if you can’t have them in your life, “KEEP THEM IN YOUR HEART, THEY’LL STAY THERE, FOREVER”.
And this forever will always be forever.

Challenge’s rules :
1. Post three consecutive days.
2. You can pick one or three quotes per
3. Challenge three different bloggers
     per day.

I would love to read from the following bloggers:
1. http://www.amitavchowdhury.wordpress.com
2. http://www.adwitiyadixit.wordpress.com
3. http://www.lifeeventsobservation.wordpress.com

Life is after all Beautiful.


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