Life is a long journey.
With all it’s ups and downs, it makes us what we are.
Every achievement gives us strength.
And every failure gives us determination.
Every person who loves us shows us beauty.
And every person who leaves us shows us what its like moving on.
Inspite of all such happenings, there’s one thing that is constant.
That is, there’ll always be something that we aspire to have and can never get.
It may be a person whom you love, a memory that belongs to the past, or maybe a photograph you wanted to be a part of.
It maybe a particular photograph you want to have with your bestfriend, a particular watch you want to buy for your mother,  or a birthday card you wanted to give someone.
It might be the smallest possible thing on earth, but it matters to you.
And since it affects you, you feel bad about it.
All the ” I wish…” are futile because it has already happened and you weren’t a part of it or will never happen because you know it’s the only impossible thing on earth.
In life, you can’t get everything that you ‘want’ to.
Circumstances and people, force us to stay away from all that we want.
But that’s life.
And, it’s okay to not get what you want.
There are things that happen once in a lifetime, or maybe the last time in life, and when you miss those, you get upset about it.
You’re to be happy with what you have.
And yes, everything happens for a reason, and maybe, better things are in store.
Missing things you wanted and the memories you wanted to make isn’t something bad. But not wanting the very same is something to be afraid of.
Hope, hope till the sun shines.
Smile, smile till you can make wishes.
Live, live till you’re alive.
And be happy through it all.

Life is after all Beautiful.


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