A piece of gift, a card, a picture- these are what generally reminds us of our past.
Of the time that was.
Of the people who were in our life.
Of what you were.
And. How your life has turned over a new leaf since then.
It’s common reminiscencing about the past.
But. Think on it.
Has it ever happened that a jacket, a top or a pair of jeans you wear, reminds you of a 1000 memories in the bygone years.
It gives me chills.
It makes my eyes water.
It creates a void in my heart to think of people that were there in my life and the ones who aren’t.
It makes my heart ache to recall the days of ultimate happiness with the people I never had thought would become the best in my life.
It might be a handkerchief you are carrying or a blazer you’ve put on or a pendrive you found in the pocket of an old pair of jeans.
These things, mere things you might call them, can sometimes make you miss the old times so much that you want to sleep and dream about it all your life.
These things aren’t just ‘things’, they are memories in store.
I always thought I would cherish the happy days of my life and not miss them.
But when reality strikes hard, and that these things are always there to remind you of all the things you are happy about, you get goosebumps.
You get those sudden pangs of I dont know what. And it all comes as a flashback, forcing you to stop on the road for once and again.
Perhaps, the blazer you wore to school today, reminded you of the first time you wore it and of that day. Or maybe, it reminded you of the people you went on post luch time walks with in high school. Or maybe, it reminded you of a hug you got wearing that blazer. Maybe, the fact that holding hands that could warm you but not your blazer.
Perhaps, the pendrive you found in your pocket reminds you of the one who gifted it to you. Or maybe, how important that person was in your life, and what it is now. Or maybe, the pictures that you treasured the most and unfortunately got deleted from the pendrive.
It can be anything. Perhaps, everything.
We say, the best people are the ones who stay for a lifetime.
What if the ones who stayed for a period in your life were the best?
What if we fear to redefine ‘best’?
What if, ‘best’ cannot be redefined?

Life is after all Beautiful.


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