As random thoughts curled about in my mind, I wondered,  how priviledged I am to be a girl.
And, this is not because of some feminism I wish to promote and reach out to people.
But because of something deeper.
I believe, all of us, all the females, girls, ladies and the old women are in some way the most happiest people on earth.
And happiness is not defined by smiling always and being loved by people.
No, happiness is your inner self and how much of yourself are you.
Happiness is that little plant whose seeds have to be sown by us and watered by us and we are the ones to bear the fruit.
We’re never happy because our beloved is happy.
We’re happy because the other’s happiness makes us feel good.
Happiness is not something that is reflected.
It is, perhaps, something we give birth to.
And so, ladies are the happiest.
You know why?
They are the ones to feel and express emotions deeply.
We always hear, “Men never cry”.
And hence they are the strong ones.
Wait a second. How does not crying relate to your strength?
The strongest are those who cry their heart of, speak their heart out and stay alive.
The strongest are those who feel deeply, express deeply and love deeply.
The strongest are those who cry out in front of people, not the ones who cry behind the door.
Afterall, you need strength to cry in front of a person.
The strongest are those who break down once in a while.
All these verbs related to emotions are what truely determine your happiness and strength.
Because, breaking down doesn’t make you weaker.
It clears your heart and helps you move on.
And hence, you’re definitely the stronger one.
Not crying yourself out only causes depression and the urge to die.
Perhaps, why are the death rates of men so high?
Why, aren’t they the stronger ones?
Then why do women have all their hearts and souls to accept their treacherous lives?
It’s good to feel things deeply.
It’s good to express things deeply.
It’s good to love deeply.
Else, why on earth are we humans?

Life is after all Beautiful.


2 thoughts on “Deeply.”

  1. 🙂

    If you wouldn’t have end this post by the last word, I would have a lot to say, but then Again as always, you are amazing in your thoughts so yeah, we are humans after all.
    Man or Woman, both are humans. Both feel equally deep, because that’s what makes us human. Some may show, some may not. Ask me though, do they feel so strongly enough ? Do I feel so deep ?

    Yes, I do and I guess a lot them do !

    So Glad To Be A HUMAN ! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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