The endless sky.
The endless love.
The endless ocean.
The endless affection.
Everything around us is endless.
From the stars, to the earth.
Then why does life end?
Why do friendships end?
And. Why do life events end? Like some marriage or a party or maybe school life?
Ends are never defined.
Then why do we say that the party ends at 9:30 pm? Or, that my school life ends on the 23rd of December’15?
Or maybe. The end of a friendship. Why do we say, that the last time I talked to my bestfriend was on the 10th of August’15 and that marked the end of our friendship?
Don’t ends precede definitions?
Why do we prefer to imagine perfect endings.
I do. Perhaps, everyone does.
Perhaps, this is the only way of getting satiated with an imperfect ending.
“Happy endings” is what I believe in.
Well, not the “…and they lived happily ever after” ,fairytale ending.
But yes, endings are fab. And even if they aren’t,  I’m sure you’ll find out something to cherish in it and something that supercedes the gloomy side of the day.
Your 16th Birthday might be the worst birthday ever, but you still do boast about it. Infact, why wont you? It was your 16th. ❤
The ending might be the worst part of the journey, you'll still be happy when it ends. And. Why wont you? The journey was blissful.
We fear all the 'last's in our lives.
The last day, the last view, the last season, the last year, the last love, the last touch, the last hug, the last kiss. Don't we?
And then, when it's over, we feel happy for a second for the beautiful 'last', and then when it's over, we cry. We ramble. We crib.
That's how we survive the shocks.
The lasts, are never the end.
They're always a new beginning.
A leap towards the future.
A push towards a new day, new life, new you.
Don't fear the lasts, they're all along your upcoming journey.
How will you be happy if you start fearing all such lasts?
When it's the last day of your school, it's just not the last day. There are so many lasts that might be along with it that you don't realise.
A talk with your friend, a hearty laugh in school, pulling your friend's hair, your friend tickling you, your friend calling you sweet and adorable, a bestfriend hug, a perfect picture with her- any of these, most of these, or maybe all of these may be the 'last's you'll face tomorrow.
Why should you fear it?
Life has no guarantee, so do happy moments and so do the cries.
Live every moment.
Get the worst and the best pictures clicked, hug, kiss, go mad, cry your heart out, fight, laugh, and love.
Make the last worth it.
That's the thing about all the 'last's.
You never know which will last and which wont. 😉

Life is after all Beautiful.


6 thoughts on “Ends.”

  1. So much of optimism in your words , it just left my mind in a whirl. Everything good is meant to end but the harrowing truth of life is that its not necessary it always ends on a happy note. Embrace the times that you have, you never know what will happen tomorrow.I love it how you end each of your posts with life is after all beautiful.

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  2. Hi identical chum, i think we’ve got quite a few things in common apart from our names. What you just said is really true, we write about things we wish we could bring into existence, however preaching is any day easier than following your own preachings.

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  3. True that.

    Life Ends ? – Really, on a humoristic note, I can’t even imagine what would happen of this earth if life doesn’t end !

    Stars are not endless Mam – They have a life and they end too, but a larger life than us. Earth to will be gone. So does the oceans.

    Philosophical that’s how it is – everything that starts has an end.

    But again practically – Life events. We grow right ? We grow for good. So we can’t be in school forever. I am sure you will get bored by then.

    The best way to go through is – when you make the best of one phase, it becomes easy to accept and go through the next phase.

    Separations and Lasts are painful, but there is some sweet pain in the last days of school, college, place or similar. It is like the pain of a pregnant woman delivering a baby, once it is all over, you know you will have an amazing new life in your hands.

    My friends and I always say – When life *****(has sex) don’t worry, get pregnant and deliver new life.

    Friendship ends – I couldn’t contemplate it for years and I am still trying to calibrate few of my friendship especially with opposite gender. But I think I will be close to an answer soon.

    I have 2 amazing set of friends inseparable for good or bad, vowed without any vow, like husband and wife, one from school and one from college. So I have very high optimism about Friendship. But again opposite gender, I am calibrating.

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