Walking on the road, I saw a tram line sparking today.
I saw two beggars fighting for food in the middle of road and using slangs.
While taking a short nap, I ended up sleeping for three and a half hours.
My father almost stepped into a gutter in a construction area.
The proposal my bestfriend got at the age of seventeen was almost going to be disclosed to her super orthrodox family.
Don’t you find these so scary?
What if the tram and the people in it got burnt and all of us walking on the road caught amidst fire?
What if a truck, bus or a car ran over the beggars in front of my eyes.
What if I never woke up from my sleep.
What if my father stepped deep into the gutter?
What if the proposal was revealed and my friend’s family disowned her?
Life is so unpredictable.
Unfathomable like a deep ocean.
You never know what awaits you.
You never know which moment might be your last.
You never know which incident can turn your life upside down.
We spend our lives waiting for the other to come to us.
Why don’t we grab the moment.
Why don’t we live in the moment.
Why don’t we complain and blabber when we feel like.
Perhaps, tomorrow you might not exist?
Perhaps, tomorrow life might not give you another chance.
We take advantage of the people who wait for us, who value us.
Perhaps, that’s how the world is.
We keep the ones who’ll wait for us, waiting forever.
We lack humanity.
On one hand I say, we should wait for the ones we love perhaps we might not have another tomorrow.
On the other, I say, the ones who  take advantage of this don’t deserve us.
Someone who might wait for you today, might pretend to be a stranger tomorrow.
Someone who promised forever might leave you astray tomorrow.
Everything is unpredictable.
Even you are unpredictable.
Last day you said, you won’t wait.
You ended up waiting 10 months. Is it?
People are unpredictable.
Circumstances are unpredictable.
Life is unpredictable.
I wish people knew how to prioritize before ‘God calls it off as  a life’ and before ‘Times up’.

Life is after all Beautiful.


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