A touch of sadness here, a touch of gloom there.
A pinch of laud here, a pinch of insult there.
A taste of anxiety here, a taste of burden there.
Amidst all this in life, we try escaping into a world of relief.
A world of our own accord , a world of our wills, a world without fear.
The world that is ours and ours alone.
And, as humans of the 21st Century, we do realize that this can only be found in books and movies and other forms of entertainment, we still seek some source to give us pleasure, to give us what we want.
A nightout with friends, a holiday tour with family, a day spent laughing with your friend, a day talking to your mother.
Perhaps, a perfect birthday.
We do fantasize a lot of things in life.
And all of us, fantasize a perfect birthday.
A day meant only for ourselves would be the best day in life.
Yet, I haven’t lived such a day. Maybe, one awaits me in future. And some other awaits you?
And by perfect, I do not mean a ‘perfect’ room setup or a ‘perfect’ Archie’s birthday card or a ‘perfect’ dinner with family.
By perfect I mean, a day with your loved ones.
A day with your father at home, your sister teasing you.
A day with your friends giving you a hand made birthday card, no gifts, but a card from their soul.
Coming to birthday cards, I find them to be the most precious things one could treasure. 
Not some fancy card with a quote and a well wish written on it.
The thought of your friend writing a page or two for you can give you immense pleasure.
The thought of talking random shit with your friend on your birthday can give you the ultimate happiness.
These are the moments to be treasured for life.
I love birthdays and the idea of birthday cards.
Infact, birthdays are a way to make that ‘someone’ feel special.
I believe, if you truly love someone, you ought to make her feel special on her birthday, not in a grand way, but in her way.
Else, you fail being ‘hers’.
Happiness, lies in hands of few.
Love, lies in the hands of all.
Love all, perhaps, you’ll find you are one of those happy, special people.


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