Yet again, my grandmother’s theory of ‘Whatever happens, happens for our own good’ proves to be true.
Purpose in life.
What happens when you lose purpose in life?
Not a situation where you lose hope, but a situation where you’ve already achieved what you want to.
So you have nothing to hope for.
When you lose purpose in life, you lose the urge to be a better person and hence lose on yourself.
Too bookish , does it seem? Is it?
Purpose, aim, achievements.
They drive you. It’s common to hear at the age of 14-15 to have an ambition in life.
All of us have written an essay on ‘My ambition’ in our teenage years in school. Haven’t we?
Why is it so important?
When you achieve what you want to, you lose your aim, and lose the purpose of evolving.
And then you suffer a setback.
This setback is what you require.
All through, you’ve thought you belong to the creamy layer. Infact, you’ve been treated like one.
You haven’t really faced a failure.
This is where the ‘setback’ becomes a prerequisite for your evolution.
You stop evolving, perhaps, you think you’ve already evolved.
No, it’s never so.
It’s never the end. Like, happy moments in life and like love and friendship.
It’s never the end to evolve.
We mistake evolution to be the peak of achievement. 
Rather, evolution is what life is all about.
Failures and setbacks do the favour.
They tell us, you aren’t perfect. They tell us, evolution is a timeless process and you should keep evolving with time.
I’ve admired personalities of random people.
I admire the way my father talks.
I admire the way my mom works hard.
I admire the way my uncle takes everything in stride.
I admire the way my bestfriend let’s go of the wrongs people do to her.
I admire little things in people.
I believe, there’s always something to learn from everyone. 
That’s how you evolve.
Not by achieving your aim, but by improving on yourself, everyday, everytime.
I want to evolve, become a better person, develop a personality, learn and keep learning from failures.
Perhaps, all of us should try this.
Promising ourselves to improvise on any setback in our lives and learn from it.


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