Truth? Yes! Umm, No.

“Ananya, have you ever lied?”, asks Soha, a 16 year old.
“I don’t lie ! Mom says, bad people lie, and I am not a bad girl!” Ananya replies instantly.
How old do you think Ananya is?
Idealism, we live in an idealistic world.
Unable to come to terms with the reality, we idealise our world of perfection.
Should you really not lie?
How often do you lie and say, “No, I did not lie.”?
We live in an ocean of lies and are taught to speak the truth.
How do you expect us to live in this contradictory world?
We’ll, everyone does.
“I can’t fake. I’m sorry. I am what I look like.”
Are you sure? 
What happens when people lie to you?
You’ll fight. You’ll blabber. 
How long will you do this?
Ultimately, there’ll come a day when you’ll let go of it.
You’ll accept, that people lie, and that everyone lies.
It’s not the ideal world of “No lies” that we live in.
Everything and everyone is full of judgements and falsities.
It’s useless fighting for it.
And that day, you’ll gulp it down.
Not suppress, but gulp down the fact that it’s okay to be lied to.
And that’s the day, you’ll know what the world is like.
No one cares, no damn soul.
Except, obviously, your parents.
The secret lies in how much of yourself are you.
People will change you by hurting, harming and cursing.
The blessed are those who change only for the better.
Who wants to become a bad soul.
Bad company, bad soul.
Try to be yourself.
Be proud of yourself and keep your head up.
Perhaps, the world will try to let you down.
Roar, wild like a tiger.
Perhaps, the world will shut you up.
Smile, wide like a newborn.
Perhaps, the world will pester you with it’s fakeness.
Be true to yourself, atleast, if not to the world.

Life Is After All Beautiful


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