Do you ever feel like escaping this traumatic world?
I want to go away, go away from my family, away from all the drama and formalities.
I want to fly away, fly away from my friends, away from all the fake love and care.
I want real connection, that’s somewhere lost in the world.
We all crave love, isn’t it?
And that’s what kills us in the most clean way, not leaving marks or wounds, but harsh memories.
We love people the way we want to be loved, in return.
But, the stark reality is, everyone loves differently.
You cannot get the love you show.
Not everyone cares. No one does, infact.
I want people to be true. Be the way they are.
I hate fakeness, fake people. I really do.
Escape into a different world.
A different country and different life.
Different friends, who’ll be my family out there.
I want my world to transform, now.
I want to fight with strangers, not with the ones whom I love.
I want to pour my heart out to some unknown, not to my bestfriend, perhaps, everyone’s a backstabber.
I fear talking to my friends, perhaps, we’ll fight and end up not talking. I don’t fear talking to random acquaintances, they can’t do me any harm.
I don’t know how much of loyalty and faithfulness is left in this world.
Maybe, the outer world is more treacherous than this, and that’s the reason I’m being prepared to live without love.
Perhaps, everyday prepares us for future.
Perhaps, love, in the truest sense does not exist.
The other day, my bestfriend told me, “There’s scarcity of people like you in the world. It’s really difficult to keep ego aside and go back to the same person who doesn’t care for you again and again, and hurt yourself. Just because, you care.”
We laughed it off. Perhaps, she loves truly to admire this.
What if no one really loves, but shows their love only at times of need? What if no one cares?
Are they really worth your care?
I want these answers.
Or maybe, I want the answers, only when I’m ready to listen to those, not today.
Sometime, in future, when I’m away from family and friends.
I want to escape, a sweet runaway.

Life Is After All Beautiful


4 thoughts on “Escape.”

  1. Yes we all want to escape from one thing or the other , which is too much for us.We want to go to a different place which will be the best one suited to us .Well no fights on it , let’s do what we want and do it hell right.Loved your work.


    1. Thank you, yet again. When everything in life gets complicated, we try escaping. And I guess, sometimes, the escape prevents us from overburdening ourselves. It’s a good thing to do, time to time.


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