Growing Skins.

Seven layers, yet we need another layer for protection.
Afterall, animals grow fur too!
Everyone in this world is going to harm you in some way or the other,for sure.
Your sister keeps fighting with you and sometimes, her words reveal disrespect for you. You feel bad.
Your mom shouts at you in front of people. You feel ashamed.
Your dad openly tells you, darling, boys do get more freedom than girls. Although he was just making you realise the truth of the society, you do feel bad.
Your friends leave you when you need them the most. You’re broken, in the worst possible way.
No one is a perfect epitome of love in this world.
When we find the same thing happening daily in our lives, the same old blabber, same old behaviour, same old complaints, we grow skins.
We grow another layer of skin, just to protect ourselves from being hurt.
We don’t react, perhaps we’ll get hurt.
We don’t question, perhaps we’ll fail to comprehend the answers.
We don’t cry, perhaps the sly ones will make use of it.
We don’t laugh, perhaps it’ll turn into cries at night.
And then, we don’t love.
Why? Each existence on this earth will give you a unique answer to this question.
The only commonality would be the fact that they’ve loved and been hurt.
Yes, some emotions are like clouds. Beautiful when seen from the earth. Yet, bringing thunder when they befall.
Not everyone sees the beauty in the thunders, do you?
Perhaps, even I don’t. But I wish to.
I wish to go under the layer of skin.
I wish not to grow that layer.
I wish to be raw.
Afterall all, only open wounds heal.
Wounds deep inside, never, never heal.
Why make it that deep by growing skins?
Perhaps, you prefer to keep the wound concealed by making it deep, and seem unwounded on the outside.
But, how fake will be the pretence?
Perhaps, this is the beauty us humans have, loving way too much pardoning the repercussions.

Life Is After All Beautiful


2 thoughts on “Growing Skins.”

  1. Very well said, it should teach us to see the better picture of our loved ones , this life and we should stop growing fake skins and have the courage to bear the good and the bad of this world with a strong self.What’s the use of faking own self from self and hiding ? Let’s face life.Let’s live.


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