Life is too dull a place to not change yourself.
Let’s change ourselves today, for the better.
We all know what change each of us need, right?
Well, most of us do.
I’m talking about a change in outlook, perspective and attitude. Not a change in looks.
Let’s change our hearts and minds from today, for the better.
You crib for someone in your life, who gives a damn, let him go.
You feel irritated by someone who keeps pestering you all the while, ignore the person. 
You want to give your best of bests in the coming exams, strive for it.
You want to talk to a stranger, go ahead.
You want to replace someone in your life. Do that. Afterall, a constant is a constant only till it is treated like one.
You want to stop thinking. Indulge in activities that make you smile.
You want to listen to your mind, not to your heart. Let your mind rule. Well, the mind is yours, maybe not the heart.
Your bestfriend doesn’t wish you on your birthday. Bunk it. Well, she wasn’t born being called your bestfriend. She’s got the ultimate right to chose people are in her life and treat them as she wishes. Who are you. 
Let’s change today.
Feel bad about an incident in life?
Ignore. And. Accept.
That nothing in this world is constant.
How can you want constant entities in a world where even time changes with time?
Let change be the new constant.
I’m changing, for my better. Are you?

Life Is After All Beautiful


6 thoughts on “Changing.”

  1. You very well described what to do in life when it starts to stop and becomes a burden, dull.Good meaningful thoughts which can and should be implemented by every one in life.What is life without change, it is a sure new constant as you cannot be sure of even your own thoughts, they too can change.


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