Tell me.

Tell me about yourself.
Tell me, who you are and where you come from.
Tell me whom you loved and whom you love.
Tell me who’s yours and who’s not.
Tell me what you want with your life.
Tell me which place you want to go and explore.
Tell me.
Tell me about yourself.
Tell me how much I mean to you.
Tell me, do I feature in your life?
Tell me, how many square inches of your heart do I occupy.
Tell me these, someday, maybe, today?
It’s two in the night, and there are thousands unable to sleep.
Is it insomnia or is it something else?
I wish insomnia,  cause it’s least dangerous than all the other causes.
How much do you know about yourself?
How much do you rely on others telling you what’s good for you and what’s not?
Tell me, how much.
Why are humans so complicated.
Why are human lives so complicated.
Why are human relationships so complicated.
Seems as if, we live in a web of complications.
And I’m unable to comprehend whether it’s just a web or just a complication.
Let’s solve the maze today.
Tonight, perhaps.
Of who you are. And what you’re yet to become.

Life Is After All Beautiful


9 thoughts on “Tell me.”

    1. Well, that’s only a verbal escape. A consolation that exists only in written. Agreed? None of us know all about ourselves. Life’s not an integration sum that can be solved in one go. 😛 All about trial and errors. We learn from the trials by failing,knowing people, knowing ourselves. That’s how we live. No shortcut.

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    2. Most of the time, if they close all the electronics device and go and sit in a garden or Beach alone, they will know what is that they need to solve it, but they don’t accept it.

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  1. I would love to answer all other questions but I think it is irrelevant at this point of time ! 😛

    Why are humans so complicated.
    Why are human lives so complicated.
    Why are human relationships so complicated.

    Damn ! I am missing my laptop. I can’t capture all my thoughts within this mobile screen. I will try however.

    Life is not complicated. It is complex 😉
    Humans are capable of solving complex problems, but complicated, it gets nasty.
    First thing first – Acceptance. They deny to accept that whatever is happening is futile. They continue wishing for something, since they get the momentary happiness. It is not even happiness if you ask me. It is an assumption of happiness. It is sweet hence addictive. So once they go on with something that is futile, they lose the essence in the first place. Essence of the amazing being, an amazing soul in the embodiment of skeleton n flesh. Then what comes is time will knock on door and it becomes necessary to evaluate the value. They can’t confront most of the times and it ends nasty. What is more painful – the end ? Or the thought of what it meant ?

    Certainly this leads to a wandering chain of thoughts, leading to sleepless nights and lonely times with company of drenched pillows.

    With the rise of Smart phones, Internet Packs, Mobile Apps, Connectivity the doors of heart are opened right away ? Because you don’t see someone that often and your imagination makes you believe the other person is someone whom you have been waiting for ? Once the doors are open, they are explored n left unclosed. When you face reality, you may feel disappointed. Because reality can never meet up to imagination, unless you are Spielberg’s creation or you have 100% LUCK sitting on top of your head.

    So yeah, if it is a puzzle, I will not cease to play it.

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    1. Well, yes. We’re all here to find out the answers of these questions. And overcome all the discrepancies we face. And yes, the fact about internet and imagination, the virtual world created, is so attractive that we often forget the essence of living life. Great thoughts, I must say. Truly.

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