Use and throw.

You know, I love use and throw pens.
It’s super annoying to use ones which require refills.
And buying refills! Such a waste of time.
Well, what if you come across a use and throw attitude.
People, random people.Β 
People, special people.
People, your people.
They use you, for their benefits. And then, squash and throw you away.
I hate people, such people.
But I guess, if you’re on this Blue Planet, and in the 21st Century, you ought to be habituated with this.
Well I’m not. I’m growing.Β 
Growing to see people turn selfish and insensitive.
Growing to see the world transform into a factory of wishes and expectations.
Growing to see people turn into Monsters, worse than monster animals.
Truly said, humans are wilder than the wildest animals.
Not because they kill others, but because they squeeze you in a way, where even osmosis won’t help you go back to what you were.
No, it’s not funny, it’s true.
Is it that only I’m surrounded by such people or are you, too?
I don’t know how to survive in a world, where unknowns pacify better than the ones close to your heart.
Where, an empty heart is temporarily used and then thrown away, instead of getting filled with love.
Love is a mirage for all those who think they are in love.
We live in such a world.
It breaks you down into pieces at first and thinking those pieces with a cellotape. Oh, really?
But I think, inspite of all, we ought not be melancholy.
Even if we don’t have people in our lives who are there when we need a soul, you’re there, for yourself. To fall and learn and get up and fall again.
Because, we have a million little cells in our body who think about us, and we, keep thinking about the ones who don’t care?
And I think, perhaps, everyone who uses and throws, has gone through what I’m going through today.
Perhaps, that’s how we learn, that’s how we change.
Some, for the better. Some, for the worse.
And I think, I’ll start buying refills now.

Life Is After All Beautiful


11 thoughts on “Use and throw.”

  1. I have this notion most of the times and I have couple of strategies I follow.

    If I am doing something because of my nature in helping others n so, I do it irrelevant of them appreciating or not. They might use me. But I do it however, if I feel I must do.

    I don’t repeat it for people who are mean. If someone is confused or helpless, I might help them, but mean and cunning I won’t.

    I might however give a new person one more chance and I might get upset when that person repeats it.

    But in the end, I know what I am and what I do is because I care. What they do of it, is their problem.

    The boat you have chosen to travel, will always give you days like this, it is only through the pain and agony, your own self rises high.

    It is like you are a diamond and all this strikes make you a perfect one.

    It hurts. It pains. Irrespective of that, it’s just lifeΒ πŸ™‚

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    1. This is truly out of the world. It’s not all that easy to have such an attitude towards life. I’m just a teenager, learning about the world. But, I would really like to get such an optimistic approach. Thank you for all your encouragement. πŸ™‚

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      1. Why do you think, you are any less. Teenagers are amazing and I believe everything that you need to know about the world and understand, is already there in your little head. Everything happens from here on is just validation, improvisation and expansion.

        You just have answers to lot of things and believe me those are the amazing answers. A lot what you say is the key to being the best.

        I told u in another post, appreciate your positivity.

        And You are Amazing Already !
        You don’t need me say that πŸ™‚

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      2. By the way, I learnt this from a poem in my Hindi Text, A story of Duck n Crab. It has stuck to my heart like anything. And it was before 8th STD. So yeah I was a teen. And nothing essentially changed in my thinking since then. A lot of rough patches though !

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