Some EXTRA sugar please?
Can I get some MORE lemons?
I love you MORE.
I think, there is nothing extra in this universe.
No, no surplus.
There’s exactly the amount that is required.
And. I guess, everything is balanced. There isn’t any excess of anything.
Everything in this universe, is balanced.
For every proton, there’s a neutron.
For every neutrino, an antineutrino.
For every upquark, a downquark.
Then why is there EXTRA love in this universe.
Why, why do we find it difficult to come across a person who loves us the way we love them.
Why, why is it so difficult to show the correct form of love.
Why, why is it that one loves more than the other.
Why is it that you love your mother more than your father.
Why the MORE?
But I think, everything does balance out. Everything in this universe is balanced.
From the stars and seas to the love and hatred.
And I think, for every ounce of love you show or have, there’s some love in store for you in the future.
We do get the love back, perhaps, from a different source.
But. The balance is there. Very much.
You get back the love you show in the least expected way.
But yes, you do get back.
There’s some, or maybe alot of it, in store for you out there.
You’ll get it when you get there.
Yes you will.
Afterall, everything is balanced.
Every inch of care you display, you’ll be cared for, definitely.
Balance, you see.

Life Is After All Beautiful


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