Deep inside.
Dark and muddy around.
Doesn’t move. Stays still.
Afterall, I had faith in water.
Why do you think seeds do not die when sown deep in the mud?
Why do they trust water enough to get back their lives?
Faith. Something unearthly nowadays.
Something, rare as green lushes in cities, these days.
But, even then, you have faith.
You have faith in that one soul that makes you happy.
The one, that’s there when you need it.
The one that teaches you what faith means.
Not everyone can teach you the meaning of faith.
‘I trust you.’ Well, this is no explanation to faith. 
When you can believe in yourself a little more because of the other, you have faith.
When you smile a little brighter, each time, you can have faith.
And. I think. There’s some difference between trust and faith.
Faith, is a bit deeper. And it gets deeper everytime someone keeps it.
Faith is something purer. That makes you purer.
When you learn to forgive and stay the same, you have faith.
You forgive, not because you have faith.
Rather, everytime you forgive, the faith deepens.
Faith isn’t a reason to explain the bond. It is a beautiful outcome of the bond.
And I think, if you can learn to forgive, you’ll learn what faith is.
Try forgiving?
You’ll find the love deepening. 

Life Is After All Beautiful


17 thoughts on “Faith.”

  1. Thank you so much, Shreya, for finding my blog that led me to this beautiful space of yours. I couldn’t agree more to every line written here! It is so well thought and equally well articulated. Simply amazing!

    Liked by 1 person

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