“Why isn’t the black stain on the floor going, Maa?”, Ananya asked her Mom.
“Some stains aren’t stains, really. They’re marks and don’t go away easily.”, her Mom replied.
“Every mark isn’t a stain. It might be someone’s purpose of living.”,she thought.
How many of us have such marks in our lives?
It can be a cut on your forehead that has left a mark.
It can be a burn mark.
Perhaps, a mark, an impression, an embedded memory?
We’re all four dimensional beings in a three dimensional world, unresolved in the fourth dimension.
The fourth dimension, the unattainable, the love, the memories, the person, perhaps, the previous you?
Or maybe, time. The bygone.
Why are you stuck, stuck with the idea that he loves you?
Why are you stuck, stuck with the memories that make you cry?
Why are you stuck, stuck the with the love that is long lost?
How will you grow if you are stuck forever?
And, why are some marks deeper than the others.
Not stains and burns and cuts.
But, those that we cannot cure, yet, can be cured only by us.
The mark on your palm, when you held hands tight.
The mark on your cheek, when you were kissed.
Or a mark on your shoulder, where a tear dropped.
Well, if not people, we do have something forever.
These marks. 
The ones on your heart. 
Are they your purpose of living?

Life Is After All Beautiful


15 thoughts on “Stuck.”

  1. As long as the marks or the memories don’t spoil your life in the present, anything is OK and the purpose is served. The moment the marks still cause pain, even after long time, then it is must to get them cured. Someone stuck at something in past or some memory or some issue, it is not valid if it becomes cancerous!
    I guess you get what I say !

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    1. Amazing. Everything that happens with us, definitely has a purpose. We should focus on the happier moments rather than the ones that cause pain. And move ahead in life. Your post brims with positivity. Great bent of mind. 🙂

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      1. Well it is the little ripple I create in this ocean of knowledge and sharing. I am glad to have crossed your ripple. I believe you have an amazing impact to create as well. I liked almost all of your topics. I will go through each one I guess 🙂

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