Four years.

I wonder how people change with time !
Look at yourself, four years in the past.
Look at yourself, now.
You see the difference?
We say, that people change and that we have to accept this with time.
How many of us look into ourselves and see what changes have happened within us.
When you meet your bestfriend four years later, you say ‘Dude, you’ve changed. Really. ‘ 
Do you ever see how much have you changed.
Wait. Let’s recall what we were in the past. Let’s say, four years back?
Have you not learnt to be more independent?
Have you not learnt to take your own decisions?
Have you not learnt to say a ‘NO’ to your friend for an outing?
Have you not started spending time for yourself alone?
Have you not grown to think maturely?
Have you not….
And I think, these ‘have you not’s are so many that I’ll fail to note them all down.
So you see, we’ve grown, learned, and achieved alot.
We’ve lost, cribbed and forgotten alot.
We’ve evolved alot.
A mere span of four years can change us so much.
That today, when I stand here, at a crossroad, I feel, I’m not the same person I was four years back.
No, absolutely not.
And, when I think, what the next four years have in store for me, it frightens me to think of such a change.
These gradual changes, change us, for better or good.
Four years in counting, a million years in ourselves.
Everyday, we change.
We learn and grow and forgive and forget.
That’s what makes us all human.
That’s what a span of four years can do.
Change you.

Life Is After All Beautiful


10 thoughts on “Four years.”

  1. And why is it that it frightens you ?

    I mean it is good to not pee in your pants right ?
    That’s as simple as growing up.

    I love being changing every year and 4 years yeah it changes a lot. Nature does to. The river is not the same. Neither is the city. So yes, why worry, why fear.

    I would be more than glad to embrace the change.
    Live this moment and anything that comes along I tackle with it.
    Next is always a surprise, not a worry 🙂

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    1. The next four years are going to bring a huge change in my life. A different country, a different culture, different set of people. None, I can call mine(atleast initially) . The change that’s gonna take place in me,would be huge. Atleast, that’s what people say. And yes, I too believe so. And, well, though I’m excited to find myself in such a place and embrace the forthcoming changes, it’s a bit scary too.

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      1. I would be more than excited 😀
        It would be nervousness but butterfly inside in my stomach.

        Don’t fear. Don’t be scared.
        Think positive.
        Plan everything
        And the World is a beautiful place

        You preach life is beautiful so 😉

        Wherever you are going it will be wonderful if you carry the magic with you.

        Think about One Day at a time.
        Have a great day 🙂

        All the best 🙂

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  2. I known
    I changed job, my attitude, my work system, my speech, my routine work,also phone(haaaa).
    Read many books, brought a old bike, married & one cute son baby.


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