We are what we are because of all that surrounds us. What surrounds us is a reflection of what we are.
Oxidation, reduction.
Hell, heaven.
Male, female.
Good, bad.
A few things that go in pairs.
When you define one, the other stands defined, too.
When you say this is good, you already know what bad is.
When you say you’re a female, you imply you’re not a male.
When you say hell is a treacherous place, you know heaven is beautiful.
The universe, it works in pairs.
Just like, us humans. We work in pairs.
We learn what we see.
We become what we see.
You see your mother cooking sumptuous dishes, you wish to learn from her.
You see you father talk to people with a grand personality, you wish to inherit that personality from him too.
You see your sister laughing and smiling most of the time, you try to become as happy as her always.
You see your brother being carefree, you try to care less and love more.
You see, you learn, you try.
You try. Yes, you do.
And then, you become what surrounds you.
You look at the seas and you wish to become as calm.
You hear the koel singing and you wish you could be as sweet.
You look at the vast skies and you wish you could be as pleasant.
You wish, you learn, you try.
You are what you see.
Nevertheless, as I said.
Everything works in pairs.
What we see is what we become.
But, don’t all of us see the same. Yet, we’re all different in every aspect on this earth.
Because what we see, is a reflection of what we are.
For everything we see, the definition lies within us.
You might look at your mom cooking and think, ‘Oh well, why does she have to work so hard. What does she earn out of it?’
You might look at your dad and say, ‘It’s his pride talking, not his personality.’
You might look at your sister and say, ‘She’s immature. She doesn’t understand the complexities of the life. She keeps kidding all the time.’
You might look at your brother and say, ‘Dude, he’s just a kid. He’s a lunatic. ‘
It’s not always what the universe has to offer.
It’s what you have to offer.
You enter this world and the first thing you do is cry.
We all know that. Ever thought, why?
Why? Because, in your mom’s womb, your universe was what surrounded you. You ate what you got, you grew from what nutrition was given to you. You just learnt and grew.
You learnt what it taught you. 
But , here’s the irony.
When you enter this world, you cry.
You cry, because, that very moment, your universe starts residing in you. 
Because, no more are you a part of the universe. The universe starts becoming a part of you.
Beautiful or ugly, it’s only you.

Life Is After All Beautiful


20 thoughts on “Universe.”

  1. Wow Shreya ! I was getting lost in the beginning of the post. But in the muddle, when you showed the two equally right but opposite sides of the same coin, it was evident that a genius mind is writing this. 😃

    Liked by 1 person

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