‘Didi, thank you, thank you, thank you so much. I love you.’ says Ananya to her elder sister, Tia, handing her a handmade card. She then kissed her.
Ananya had gone to the store to get the faulty DVD of the ‘Taken’ series exchanged for something else. She bought a book for herself and with the rest money, bought a grammar book for her younger sister.
And this is how her sister reacted.
What was so special about that grammar book?
Why was she so happy?
Why did Ananya kiss her sister in a moment of jollity?
What made her so thankful, so as to make a card for her sister?
I’m here, raising questions, unable to realise the simplicity.
You’re here, reading this piece of hypertext, unable to realise the innocence.
We’re all so busy with our lives and everything in the vicinity, that we fail to appreciate it.
We fail to feel happy about the smallest of things.
We are in search of happiness, and happiness is a relative term.
For a 6 month old, happiness is being on her mother’s lap.
For a 2 year old, happiness is eating chips.
For a 6 year old, happiness is getting a Barbie doll as a birthday gift.
For a 10 year old, happiness lies in making puzzles.
For a 14 year old, happiness is going for a movie with her friends.
And for a 17 year old? Maybe a world your with her bestfriend?
You see, with age, how our reasons for happiness changes.
Again, let’s say, for a 17 year old.
One might find happiness in reading books, the other in going for walks, another in dancing, another in going to clubs and drinking.
Happiness, is truly a relative term.
Ask me to define happiness, my definition would differ from yours.
What happens in this big bad world is that, the resultant is always worse.
The result of so many wants and greed is a world devoid of happiness.
Ask me, I would be the happiest person on earth if I’m allowed to go on a world tour with my bestfriend. If I’m given Haagen Daaz ice-cream to eat. If I’m gifted a Burberry deodorant. If I’m asked to buy a wallet for myself from a Guess showroom. Well, I can really continue with the endless list.
Why are we so materialistic. 
I don’t mean we should turn all boring and not aspire for a Micheal Kors Bag. 😛
But, shouldn’t we try to find happiness in the little and the so called petty things in life.
How often do we thank people for these, or rather. Even notice the smallest of gestures they show towards us.
How often do you thank your Mom or say, sister, to have oiled your hair? How often do I do that.
How often do you sit and talk all day with your bestfriend? How often do I  have the time.
I think, finding happiness. You really can’t ‘find’ happiness.
Because, finding would mean a search, and we search for things.
But happiness, it’s not an entity. It’s something deep to be fathomed.
It’s a heavenly feeling.
It’s a moment of ecstasy.
Happiness happens at the moment when time ceases to exist and you begin to exist.
That’s the moment.
Try capturing the essence of happiness next time when your bestfriend smiles, instead of letting your DSLR capture it.
You’ll know what happiness looks like.

Happiness for Ananya was not possessing the grammar book. Happiness lied in the fact that her sister got it for her.

Life Is After All Beautiful


23 thoughts on “Happiness.”

  1. Great post and perfectly written.
    If i say frankly thn i didn’t get anything new because i knew all that things and i do oftentimes but never counted so i can’t tell you… But if you look at my site, i wrote one story which is in Gujarati language that tells one thing that only a little talk with the best buddy can be a life changing event for him/them. Name of the story is “Nirasha ne delete kari celebrate karo”.
    As far as your post is concerned “too good” excellent.

    Liked by 3 people

  2. I was using google to identify the bag brands you’ve listed 😛 🙂 (quite a taste you have 🙂 )

    And you nailed it in this post. Happiness is relative. Happiness is not a thing . Happiness is there in the smallest little things that happen around us. Thank you for such a feel-good morning read 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks for making an effort to google. 😛 And thanks for the complement. It brought a smile on my face early in the morning. This is how WordPress is. It connects us to people, without we even knowing them. Thank you. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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