How thick is the sheet of confidence confining your heart?
How durable is the sheet of confidence confining your heart?
How effective is the sheet of confidence confining your heart?
Your confidence defines you.
Everything, including love, hatred, knowledge, cooking requires confidence.
In its absence, how would you confess your love?
How would you be strong enough to hate that one person without being confident about it?
While delivering a speech amidst a mass of listeners, how would you hold your head up high if you cease to be confident?
How would you add sugar to tea without being confident about your ability to prepare tea?
Confidence attracts me.
It engulfs me into a world of achievers where achievements are defined by how well you carry yourself with complete optimism and esteem.
It entraps me into an atmosphere where the wind blows to derail you from your path and you are brawny enough to not let it affect you.
In our journey of life, we’ll come across multifarious crossroad. And, I think, there is nothing like a right path or a wrong path. A crossroad is just a turning point in life, similar to every other. The only way to surpass every such instance is to take it as a challenge. And win over it.
And yes, the ‘winning’ does not depend on the path you choose, it depends on you attitude towards what you’ve chosen. The level of confidence you have in you.
Gaining confidence isn’t an art taught in schools or universities.
It’s a part of your autonomy on yourself.
It’s not about how much of confidence you have in yourself, it’s about how much of confidence you have in your confidence. 

Life Is After All Beautiful.


13 thoughts on “Confidence.”

  1. Very well said. Confidence – that one quality which makes ugly look attractive , a person with a pretty face is no match to a person who’s confidant about himself. After all the only barriers that we face, are the one’s we impose for our own selves. You’ve already said a lot about it, and I completely agree to you except that one line, I believe you don’t need confidence to hate someone. Perhaps, it’s not hatred then.
    Cheers !

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    1. Why do you not need confidence to hate a person? What if the person you hate, or rather want to hate is someone you love. It takes all the confidence and guts to hate such a person. Because hating someone you love due to reasons isn’t easy.

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      1. We’ll, there are instances in life when you feel like hating someone you love. When the person does wrongs to you, but, you’re so habituated to see their better part that you ignore the other. Also, due to the wrongs, you want to hate that person. That’s when such a thing happens.


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