The bright red colour of my shirt faded so much that I can’t wear it now. It was my favourite shirt. I wore it so many times because I loved wearing it. 
I went to the same store to buy the same piece, but couldn’t find it. They said it’s an old design and out of stock now. I also went to a custom designer to ask him to make the same shirt for me. He at once refused and said that that material was no more imported. He couldn’t help me out in making the same shirt.
I remember having a black skirt way back in 2009. I was a kid then.
I had that one piece of cotton skirt and I used to wear it almost daily. It’s colour faded and it started getting torn. But I still enjoyed wearing it.  I still remember how comfortable I felt in that skirt. When I came back from school one day and searched for that skirt, my mom told me she had discarded it as it looked shabby and worn. I knew the place where my mother kept all the discarded clothes, went there, took it out and wore it. Elated, I was.
The next day again, back from school I couldn’t find it. My mom showed me the two pieces she cut my skirt into. I started crying. 
I loved wearing that skirt. It was my favourite. And now. I no more had it. I wished I had that skirt, for a week, cried a few times, I hated my mother for it.
Eventually, I forgot about it. It faded away. The skirt, the comfort.
How easy it was to accept and forget that the red shirt was now faded and no more to be found?
Not all that difficult.
How long did it take to forget about the comfort the black cotton skirt gave me?
Not much time.
Then why, why are we afraid of the fading memory.
Were you afraid when your shirt faded? 
No, right. Things exist to fade. Just like memories.
It’s okay for memories to fade. How can they not fade?
They’re fading because you’re growing.
Fading shows you’ve been through alot, learnt alot and now you’re progressing.
Acceptance is the best teacher.
Ignorance, the best guide.
Ignore and accept.
Simple words, yet complex in execution.
Why are you scared to let go of people who no more serve you?
Well, you definitely were sad on losing your favourite skirt, but, eventually didn’t you forget about it? And now, in the year 2016, when you talk about it, don’t you have a smile on your face?
Why don’t you apply this to the people in your lives.
The ones who no longer do you any good.
When you learn to let go of people like you let go of the skirt, you’ll have happy memories to cherish.
Letting go is the same.
Be it your favourite skirt or your favourite person.
Just the intensity that differs.
What can stop you if you’re determined?
You’ll learn to smile.
Try doing this.
You’ll learn to be you.

Life is After All Beautiful.


15 thoughts on “Fading/Losing.”

  1. letting it go -if followed, most of the problems would vanish -in this simple post you have brought out a very important philosophical construct. I like the way you started with a normal, almost mundane thing -and then connected it to something so important.

    PS – good that i browsed your blog today, I’d somehow missed this post of yours. have a great rest of the week. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Its so boring to say the same “thank you” all the time. 😛 I wish thank you had synonyms too. 😛 Thank you so much Nitin. I’m really glad you liked it. And, took out some time for checking out my blog. Your writings are in inspiration,really. And i wonder, after reading all your out-of-the-world stuffs, what a great person you must be to have a real time talk with. *tries to flatter indeed* 😛

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you Shreya so much for such beautiful words (yes, thank you should have synonyms, a lot of them :P)
        And I’m really simple and average kind of guy, you’ll pass through in a party, forget me in few days after a meeting 😛 🙂
        But I love reading your comments. It’s been quite sometime since we first met here, and I really appreciate you sharing these nice words again and again. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Hahaha, humble much? I’m glad to have come across a blog like yours and a person like you( though I don’t know you as a person. Impression- a guy with a deep heart who paints pictures with his words.) 😉


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